Mobile-Flex® Simplifying Mobile Technology™

Our patent-pending process allows Mobile-Flex® users secured access to Windows server-based applications from a mobile device without ever accessing a remote desktop.

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Mobile-Flex® Solution
Access your Windows Server-based Apps through your mobile device

Custom Solutions
Custom mobile app solutions for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile or Palm Pre devices
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We can assist with set-up, configuration and management across your organization

Press Release

Mobile-Flex® Debuts Transformative Technology for BYOD Arena. Celebration, FLA, USA - February 5th, 2014


About Our Product

  • With Mobile-Flex®, our patent-pending process allows secure access from mobile devices to Windows server-based applications without EVER allowing access to a desktop.
  • • No Remote Desktop
  • • No Terminal Services
  • • You Control Apps the User Can See and Access
  • • No information downloaded to device
  • • No restrictions on functionality
  • • Creates a true windows session using windows logon credentials
  • • No limit to the number of applications you can host
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